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ESU Housing Changes

Room Selection for the 2014-2015 is right around the corner.  The process has changed a bit from last year, so please make note of the following changes:

1.                A Housing Deposit is NO LONGER REQUIRED!

2.                ALL ESU students may participate in on-line room selection, including off campus students, commuters and students residing at University Ridge.

3.                All University Apartments, University Ridge and Suites with single bedroom units may now be selected as CO-ED within the units.  Using University Apartments as an example, the apartment could be selected as three females, three males, two females and a male, or two males and a female.  Double rooms (shared bedrooms) will remain single gender.

4.                No more WAITING LIST for off-campus/commuter students (if application is made by March 9).


Please complete the following steps to secure a room for next year:

First, make the on-line application here:



Log into your ESU portal, click on Students near the top of the page, and then Housing Application Link near the bottom left side of the page.  Next, choose the Apply On Line tab to make the application.  Make sure you choose the application that reads Fall 2014 Returning Student Application for Room Selection.

The applications are LIVE NOW and will stay live until MARCH 9 at MIDNIGHT.  Actual room selection (when you pick a room from an available list) will occur from MARCH 11-14. 


ROOMMATE SELECTION: Once you have made the application, you can click NEXT to be taken to the Home Page of MyHousing.  Here, use the navigation box in the left hand corner and choose Room Selection and Roommate Selection if you want to add a roommate(s) to your selection process. This must be done by each roommate for each other or it will not work properly.


Note, if you add one roommate, the system will show you only the double rooms that are available during room selection week.  If you do not load in a roommate, you will see only the single rooms available.  


Once you have added a roommate(s) and they have accepted you, you will see that you have a matched roommate pair and are ready for selection.  If you do not have a roommate you are also now ready for room selection.


Room selection will go live on MARCH 11.  You will be given a random lottery number based on credits earned.   Priority is given to class standing and those who can fill a room/suite first.  The schedule for room selection is as follows:

MARCH 11:         Same Room Only (with roommate/suitemate)

MARCH 12:         Same Hall, Different Room (with roommate/suitemate)

MARCH 13:         Different Hall and Room (with roommate/suitemate)

MARCH 14:         Different Hall and Room (with roommate/suitemate)

MARCH 14:         Any room left without roommate/suitemate after noon)


Please note that the room fees advertised are CURRENT RATES and will be subject to change for Fall.  Typically the change is a 3-5% increase.  However, in University Apartments, the current rate of $2,862.00 is expected to be raised to $3,350.00 as the rooms are singles.


A meal plan is not required at University Apartments or University Ridge.

If you require housing over any break periods, University Ridge is open year round.


If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulty, please come into the Housing Office in Hemlock Suites.  We can assist you on the spot with selecting a room. 

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